Saturday, August 29, 2009

Caladiums are Cool


As the heat wreaks havoc on my blossoms in the August heat, I opted for more caladiums this year for color.  Here they are in reddish color next to my garden griffin statue.  He also protects the garden from bad spirits.  I usually use colors in the red and pink range in this long bed right off my patio.

This one is a cooler color with chartreuse leaf and accents in burgundy.
This one is a pinker shade next to my Tiki statue, bringing good luck from the Pacific islands. 
A little less pink and the cooler of shades of green.  They're related to elephant ears, which always fow so large.  Usually they grow much larger than mine.  But in the dry heat, they stay small, like a miniature caladium.  They love humididy.  When we were groing up in north Texas, my mother always had green and white ones on our front porch to match the color of the house's trim.  Very sheik. And she said they made the porch look cooler.  She's always been an inspirer to my gardens, but I'm much more eclectic and mismatched in my garden style.  At any rate I still think of cool Southern porches when I see caladiums. 


Rosey Pollen said...

I like that Tiki, with the Caladiums, nice touch!


Rosey, you and I have much in common. Both grew up in Texas, both have lived elsewhere, and both love So. California and horticulture. We rock! Your photos are beautiful!
April "Nature" Lorier
Christian Nature at blogspot

James Missier said...

Wow.. I wish I can maintain these caladiums in my garden. They don't do so well and often times become dormant after sometime.