Monday, November 2, 2009

Honestly, Scrap Me, If You Must

I usually hide behind a few layers, so today I'll peel away a few and tell you some of the things about myself that I save in bottles on shelves in the many caves of me. Wander in with me and see what's there.

1.  I lived in Moscow, Russia, for 4 years in the 1990s teaching a form of dance. I loved it, traveling as much as I could. I knew Russian from university and had always dreamed of living there. So this time was outside of time and in my dreams.


2.  I love ice cream, but can't really have it anymore. But since I had dental surgery last week, my fiancee found some sugarless ice cream for me. After I let it melt a little, it fits perfectly into my happy mouth. Ahh, bliss.

3. I spent ten years raising small exotic finches. Seeing the little babies emerge from the eggs and grow up was my favorite part. I have one hand-tamed finch from that time, as well as a number of adults living out their years with me, now that I don't breed any more.

Pippa, hand-tamed finch who died at two years old

4.  I have always been a vagabond about the world until quite recently. I have lived in this cottage since 2001. The longest I have lived in the same place as an adult.  I've rather enjoyed this being in one place and now don't want to move when my fiancee talks about it. I've gone from vagabond to putting down roots that don't want disturbing.

5. I love detective and science fiction movies the best. The mystery and unexpected are terribly exciting to me. But I will watch almost anything, except some of the animated films and TV shows.

6.  As a teacher of dance, I also danced on the stage. I loved it at the time, but am glad to dance about my garden now.

7.  I see and hear nature spirits. Actually, all spirits that I direct my attention to. I've not always been able to do this, at least not consciously. The past ten years or so this ability has developed. 

8.  I will marry in the spring to this wonderful man.  Tall, light and handsome. I never thought I'd do this a second time, that is, get married.

9.  I love dogs and would love to have one. But the landlord doesn't allow them here. So I look at doggie pictures and doggies on the street and dream of the day I'll have a dog again.

10.  I've always wanted to have a larger garden with secret parts to it, hidden by shrubs or trees. Then in part of the garden I want a sleeping room, where I can rest or work outside and hear the birds and the wind. Part of the garden would be just for tea, part of it just for dinner. The other parts of this dream garden are for walking with different attractions, like a fountain, certain kinds of plants, an arbor, a pergola and lots of flowers.  But the sleeping room is the one I dream of the most. I love falling asleep to the sounds of nature.

Now for the envelope-- of those who will get the Honest Scrap Award after me.

The Rusty Hoe for all the unusual things she posts. She keeps me up-to-date on the world's unsusual.

Moj Vrt and all the fun posts she makes about her Croatian garden.

Dirt Simple for the really informative and artistic posts.

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The Violet Fern for the joy in sharing her lovely garden.

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Don't feel compelled to respond to the award, but it can be fun.  To respond, copy the Honest Scrap award to your site and tell ten things about yourself. Don't forget to pass the award on to nine (or is it ten) other people. Let's get to know each other a little better.


James Missier said...

Wow.. really amaze to know your very interesting lifestyle.
Raising finches and able to communicate with nature spirits is something great.
Love your dream garden very much too.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

There are so many interesting things under those layers! Travel, dance, birds... But the most exciting is coming spring and what it'll bring... Thank you for telling us about yourself!

Wendy said...

How wonderful! I look forward to hopefully hearing more about the spring wedding. Pippa was gorgeous!

Gail said...

You've had wonderful adventures Mary Delle...and another one beginning with a wedding! How delightful to hear about your travels and your garden dreams! I want to hear more about the garden spirits....really! ...and I hope you get your puppy soon! gail

janie said...

How exciting, to dance on stage and to teach dance. I thought I would be a ballerina when I was a child, but I only grew to be 5'3/4" tall. Not tall enough.

That bird is beautiful. Are they all marked like that? Reminds me of a Painted Bunting, in a way.

Thanks for telling us about you.

LeSan said...

What a wonderful post. You shared some incredibly interesting things and I am fascinated. I have always dreamed of visiting Russia and I sigh at the idea of your adventure. How romantic it sounds. No, shush. Don't spoil it for me. LOL
The finches are just too beautiful for words.
Being a big dog lover myself I am rooting for you and a dog one day.
I also loved your garden fantasy. I think I could adopt that one as well very easily.

And most of all I want to congratulate you on your upcoming wedding- Congratulations! :-)

vrtlarica said...

Dance teacher, lived in Russia, sounds like something from a movie...
Thanks for the tag, I sure know what I will be doing tonight...

до свидания Mary Delle

Nell Jean said...

You're living an interesting life, Mary Delle. Best Wishes for your nuptials, may you have a long and happy marriage.

Blue Bunny is the best sugarfree ice cream. I always pass up the ones with aspartame.

Rosey Pollen said...

Mary Delle,
You are a woman of many talents ,... and surprises! Very interesting about the finches!
I have two left feet, can't understand dance, yet my daughter gets it. Go figure.
Congrats on your engagement, I am so happy for you!

Douce France..... said...

Hello Mary Delle,
I was so surprise this morning when I read about this award!
Thank you very much, I will try to keep it going, at lease, give it a try.
Thanks again,

lynda said...

that was a cool posting: i love the idea! you live an interesting life! i love the finches: so great! and pretty. thanks for mentioning my silly blog.

calann621 said...

Would love to read more about your no. 7! I hope, someday. I have been reading "The Secret Life of Plants" and "The Secret Life of Nature." I. Am. Blown. Away.

And my dream is someday to have a sleeping area in the middle of my garden too. Plus a screened-in second floor sleeping porch. Someday...

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

That was so interesting. Thanks for peeling back a layer or two. Finch breeding, who'd of thunk it? I used to have Cockatiels when I was a teen. I loved them very much. Congrats on getting married. I've been married for 21 years. Oh, and your garden sounds delightful. To have such a room.~~Dee

Amy said...

Hi, Mary Delle - It is nice to get to know you. That is so interesting about living in Russia and dancing. Congratulations on your wedding. -Amy

Liz said...

It is fun to learn background info on our favorite gardeners--thank you for sharing! And a big thank you for the award, i am scheming up ideas, will post soon.

Jo said...

How exciting to have lived in Russa teaching dance. Your garden with secret rooms sounds delightful.

Kiki said...

Lovely to hear more about you..yay! An enchating post..such a spirited life! Also..very lovely to meet a fellow spirit-talker and communicator!The magic of spirit!

joey said...

A delightful post, Mary Delle ... wishing you much happiness 'the second time around' :)

Daricia said...

what an interesting life you have! i've always been fascinated by those finches - even wrote a fiction story once about a woman who raises them! i'm glad to find your blog - thanks for dropping by mine, too.

The Violet Fern said...

Thank you Mary Delle for scrapping me ... and for your very kind comments. I, too, enjoyed your honest scrap and those finches are absolutely beautiful! WOW - to live in Russia. I, too, am tired of moving around and would love to see my garden "age." How very lucky you are to see nature spirits - you must be doing something incredibly right. And congratulations on your engagement! Spring is the best season for love.

calann621 said...

You know what is delicious? From my friend raw vegan chef Rory: Peel several bananas, freeze them hard. Chop them into pieces and put into food processor. Process until consistency of soft serve ice cream. Sprinkle with walnuts, raw cacao. "Ice cream" sundae. Absolutely delicious. No sugar.