Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Close up on Tiny Blossoms

My love affair with cranesbill geraniums reaches its peak when they bloom.  Even in the heat of the past week, this one continues giving me pleasure.  When it's not blooming, its gray fuzzy leaves, shaped like an open shell from the ocean, whisper, Look at me. I am beautiful even now.
The other cranesbill is in the rock garden. The pink streaks are all that remain on the blossom so close to the orange rock. Against its green foliage it shows it true pale pink nature.  This blossom in the photo is all the plant gave this morning after yesterday's heat.
The groundcover plumbago is one of the blues I can count on in the hot days.  Its leaves turn reddish in the fall.  So nice for our mellow fall in the deep south.  It is a take-over groundcover, so needs to be put in a finite garden space or pulled out like a weed.  I've allowed its spreading habit its way this year, so will have to get it under control in the fall.
The other blue blossoms has been a total surprise to me-- forget-me-nots.  This plant has unexpectedly bloomed at a time that leaves me speechless.  It is a total mystery to me.  I'm waiting to see if it will give the garden any more flowers.
The fuschia still has a few blooms to offer.  It has usually finished by the time the real heat comes.  But the common sight of a begonia in orange-red bloom is a real joy.  It exults in the heat, gathering a deeper color flower.  Its leaves are edged in red in response to the small amount of intense sun it receives.  It is really great seeing all these flowers so close.  My eye knows the beauty from afar, but the camera brings them nearer than they appear. Hurrah for technology!


Rosey Pollen said...

Have you ever seen Napolean Dynamite? If you have then you would understand the song
'I love technology, etc. etc. '
Anyways, that was besides the point, your fuschia is amazing! My Dad always used to grow these and I they remind me of some yummy candy they ate on Willy Wonka or something.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

I love cranesbills, but haven't seen the one on your upper pictures before. Lovely!

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Tiny flowers are attention seekers because we really have to stop, squat and look closely for a better view.... haha. Nice flowers you have there. ~bangchik

Urban Green said...

This is so pretty...nice pictures!

Muhammad khabbab said...

I love cranesbill geraniums but in our climate only true type pelargoniums survive. And i am sort of annoyed that why these cranesbill type flowers are not common on our side.I will try to get some seeds mixture and see what comes up.

Thanks to plumbago which is perfect for our climate. coolish blooms.

Fuschia, ah, another sad tale. They neither survive our heat nor they are available as winter annual here. But they are also in my seeds-to-buy list.