Saturday, September 5, 2009

Who But a Gardener

Who but a gardener would have the interest to see the garden ornaments I have or tchotchkes, as the man about the house calls them.  He took great glee in laughing at me as I carefully set up the shots.  So, I ask you, where else can I share all of this with any hope of interest? And I love each one and take great joy in sharing.  No visitor to my garden ever seems to notice, except the very few, who are interested in only one. Thank goodness for the blotanists and any interlopers. Just note that you can read my comments or simply enjoy the pictures, as you would at a gallery showing.

One of my favorites, the garden gargoyle. Is he thinking,drowsing? I believe he sees all behind his closed eyes. He's my greatest protector from bad spirits, as on the Gothic churches.

The next two are griffins, also from Gothic churches, with the body of a lion and the head of an eagle. They are reputed guards of treasure, which is my garden, of course.They both have such character. The one clinging to the shelf is an eccentric characteur--I love it! And I place them carefully in the garden to take full advantage of their powers.

A few odds and ends to give you an idea of the variety of my non-plant additions.

 This representation of the Italian winds was a gift that has happily found a place in the large square garden, my first effort at gardening when I moved here.

My only conventional garden statue, St. Francis, near the bird feeders, since he talks to the birds. The Mayan calendar, below, is a little worse for wear since the squirrels decided to teeth on one side.

A sundial, above, that doesn't tell the correct time, alas. And my Genesa crystal, that is specially made from an old design to pull the air in and out rarefying it. There is a clear quartz in the center to bring more harmony into the garden. I do find my garden more peaceful since its arrival. They come in copper, too, but that's a good deal more expensive.
Thank you for taking the time to look at my little treasures. Hope I haven't overwhelmed you.
Perhaps you were inspired by some of them. 
They do that to me daily, which is why I have them.
I've looked back over this post and found it a bit long, but what can I leave out. I've just gone a little nuts over this blogging. The Man doesn't seem to mind that I've something I can obsess over. And I am just pouring my heart out.  Finally, a place where I can share about my crazy obsession with gardening and find companions to this lovely insanity.


Rosey Pollen said...

You have exquisite taste! I love all these garden ornaments you have amassed! I love this blog post, fantastic idea. I love sundials and I have not put a picture of mine yet on my blog. It is covering my septic tank pipe, thus it is multi-purpose!

lynn'sgarden said...

Marydelle, I love the idea of the crystal bringing in harmony to the garden, a neat feature! Your garden art collection is very diverse...I collect mainly birdhouses...which now seems boring..haha! Teething squirrels?...gak!

joeltheurbangardener said...

Hi Mary Delle,
Nice shots indeed. If you want to give the man of the house another chuckle, you can show him the shot of the ceramic dancing pig in my garden that my girlfriend endlessly chastises me for in my "What Makes a Good Garden" post.

We won't let them hold us down!
: )

Carol said...

Mary Delle I think your garden gargoyles are fabulous! Hope you will post them again in their garden niche. I am enjoying scrolling through your blog and quite understand the obsessiveness ... look forward to visiting often. Thanks for sharing at Flower Hill! It is great to meet you!

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Who say gardening is all about playing with dirt. This is most creative, with a display of artistry! ~ bangchik

Anonymous said...

Love your ornaments! I especially love the nest & the wreath. I posted about the same thing this week & have added you to my list so I can check back in. I'll have to get a crystal, do you need a special variety to bring more harmony?

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

I love your garden ornaments. I have a St. Francis myself. I especially like your gargoyles.~~Dee

Muhammad khabbab said...

wow you have some pretty garden ornaments. i like those small clay earthenware. they are looking so cute. thanks for sharing this unusual post with us. enjoyed a lot.

PainChaud said...

I just adore that StFrancis statue!!!

Teresa said...

Love gargoyles! I thought I might be the only one who really liked them enough to have one. Glad to know I am not alone.

Linda said...

I like the shot that looks like you made potpourri out of dried leaves, broken pottery shards and pine cones. I may have to "borrow" that idea. By the way, your post was not too long. I kept scrolling down to see what interesting thing I would find next.

Meredith said...

You and I seem to have similar tastes, though you have far more garden ornaments than I do (but I've only just begun collecting odds and ends). I'd love to have a gargoyle someday -- yours are just perfect. I do have a wonderful bat, however -- I'll post a picture at some point!

Sunita said...

I love these! You've really taken time and effort to collect these characters and I'm sure their powers will be felt all around the garden.