Friday, September 11, 2009

Peace in the Garden

Now that the fires are under control and heat has abated, a peace has permeated the garden.
The stress for the plants is less and they seem to breathe out and relax.
The garden spirits are back at their daily work, rather than trying to sustain the plants in difficult times.

The mornings are cool; there is even a breeze from the ocean.
Listening into the silences between the leaves and hearing the plants talk to me is possible.

 I can hear the voices of garden spirits whisper, giggle, and sigh.
The peace reaches into all aspects of garden life.
I feel I can talk to my plants in admiration and love for their beauty.
They love to hear these things and flourish.

We are all ready for the fall to overtake us and fill the garden with a new kind of life.


Tatiana said...

Beautiful photos! I'm especially smitten with that dark purple beauty.

teresa said...

Very beautiful flowers and sentiments, there is a calmness in your words.

Michelle said...

Your garden looks like such a wonderful place. I love all the interesting things you have in it. It would be fun to come and explore!

Rosey Pollen said...

So glad things are calming down in your area, what with the fires nearby.
Your photos are always so crisp and refreshing!

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Just imagine the varying color in leaves..... beautiful. ~bangchik

NellJean said...

Hi, New Friend.

Thank you for the kind wordson my blog; I'm excited to find yours.

I noticed a bird of paradise in a previous post. I have one in a pot, hoping it will bloom in the greenhouse by next spring.

Rusty in Miami said...

You have a very nice blog, thanks for stopping by my. I hope the fires did not affect you.

Matron said...

Lots of things seem to be coming back to life now that the heat of the Summer is gone and the day length is the same as it was in Spring.

Roses and stuff said...

Thanks for your comment - your garden must be very pretty with all those lovely plants. So glad the fires in California are under control - let's hope new fires won't ever start again.

Yan said...

Hello Mary Delle, your garden must be magical, I can feel the tranquility from here. I smiled at your excitement on finding the praying mantis. I was just as excited to find the much more mundane ladybird for the first time in mine. Every day there is something new and entrancing in our gardens. Yan

Scott & Liz said...

How I long for a "cool morning". i absolutly love that little purple oxalis.