Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In Praise of August Favorites

These black-eyed Susans next to my mounding Juniper have greeted me each time I come out of the door.  I've enjoyed their faces as I emerge from sleep's cocoon each morning.

The gomphrena or globe amaranth have withstood the heat this month the best.  They've not lost their purple strawflower-like blooms ever since I planted them.

These roses have continued to bloom, my Sundance and my mystery rose, as someone gave me this bush found at a market fair.

The leafy begonias have almost made it through the heat. And there is another gardenia blossom on my bush.

One of my favorites, the cranesbill geranium in miniature, is one of the stars of the native rock garden.   It's tiny blossoms last through most hot days with a little water every day or so.  To end summer with such a group is honor indeed.  I wish they would not fade as the season changes, but I will find others to love in the next.  Here we have an extended kind of fall throughout the winter.  Very soon I'll be planting for this extended fall. 


Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

What a beautiful collection of begonias you have. I find that they are very unappreciated, the leaves are so gorgeous.

Rose said...

Your August favorites are lovely indeed.

Loved the poem from your Muse Day post yesterday. I'm not familiar with this poet, but will check out more of his poetry--thank you for introducing me to him! It certainly must be a frightening time for those living near the California wildfires; I pray that everyone will be safe.

Muhammad khabbab said...

Roses and bachelor button are looking lovely. and amazed to see gardenia is blooming on your side. exquisite fragrance. thanks for sharing these wonderful pics.

James Missier said...

What a beautiful garden, all your your flowers are so beautiful, especially your roses.

Love your begonias too.

Rosey Pollen said...

Such beautiful blooms you have captured with your camera!
The Geranium Cranesbill is a favorite of mine, yours looks healthy, even after the heat of the summer.
Have things calmed down around there?