Monday, September 7, 2009

Scotch Pine

From Christmas Tree
Large Bonsai Shape

Most of the trees branches bend toward the West.

Placed outside in its Christmas pot,
it burst through the sides.

Only to find the sun striking it from the West,
behind the fence and house.
So it grew toward the sun,
branches curving bonsai-like.

But no hand wrought this tree.
It bent to seek the Sun
and found its own beauty.


Rosey Pollen said...

A nice change of pine, we have ponderosas and blue spruce here, that are unfortunately being attacked by pine beetles. :(

Muhammad khabbab said...

Pine is native to northern areas in our country. we use its bark and needles as summer mulch. Your's looking great too.

Carol said...

Plants and trees have such an amazing will to live... left to their own devices they often thrive, if they have the basic essential needs met. How long ago was this beauty a Christmas tree? So great to have living trees for the holidays. Beautiful bark and photos too!